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Govies Muster 2018
The 2018 Govies Muster thanks you for your support. We are grateful for the sponsorship and assistance you have given us in support of our outback kids.

Old Timers Fete Committee 2016
On behalf of the Old Timers Auxiliary and of course the residents of the Old Timers Village, I wish to sincerely thank you for your ongoing support and the very generous donation.
Your incredible generosity and continued support is greatly appreciated and the money raised this year will again assist with the purchasing of equipment for the Old Timers Nursing Home/Flynn Lodge (Hostel) and/or cottage renovations (Independent Living). This will enable us to enhance the lifestyle of our 140+ residents, particularly in the areas that are not Government Funded.
I must reiterate that we at Old Timers are truly grateful for your support and generosity.

School Of The Air (2015)
Thank you for your donation to the 2015 Govie's Muster. Your generous support has assisted the children of the Alice Springs School Of The Air.
Going the distance for outback kids.

Central Australian Health Service
In appreciation of the significant contribution to the Central Australian Health Service 2015 Christmas Function. (Damian Ryan - Chairperson)

Aileron Bush Club 2015
We would like to thank you for coming along with your mechanical bull and jumping castle and also for the wonderful job you did yet again with the music at the dance.
We sincerely hope you will join us again over the Easter long weekend in 2016, and help us make next years event even bigger and better!
All the best for the year ahead - see you at Aileron in 2016.
Jan Hayes (Alice Bush Club Committee)

Aileron Bush Club 2014
Thank You!
The Aileron Bush Weekend has been and gone for yet another year, and like the preceding years, the 2014 weekend proved to be a fun and successful event, enjoyed by all who attended.
The Aileron Bush Weekend would not take place if it were not for the generous support of the volunteers and sponsors. The committee would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance and support.
In particular, we would like to thank you for doing the music for the dance on saturday night. Also, thank you for bringing the jumping castle along. - The children really loved it.....
Jane Hayes 2014

Brahma Kumaris
We couldn't thank you enough for your generosity with the sound system hire the other day.

Take care and wish you all the best. - Sathesh

July 2013

Lil Antz
All the staff and children at Lil Antz Vacation care would like to thank Daran and Arlyn for the great time we had at the disco!

July 2013

Aileron Bush Sports 2013
We would like to thank you for bringing the jumping castle and mechanical bull to Aileron for the weekend, as well a doing a great job, as always, with the music.
We sincerely hope you will join us again over the easter long weekend in 2014, and help us make next years event the best yet?

Jane Hayes

Old Timers - 28 Aug 2013
Your continued support is greatly appreciated and the money raised was $70,000. As usual this will assist with the purchasing of equipment and/or cottage renovations for the purpose of improving the lifestyle of our residents, in areas which are not covered by govt funding. Also thank you for your time, effort and joy you brought to all the kids and adults at another successful Old Timers Fete.
Jeanne Lindsey (Secretary)

Bradshaw Primary School Council
On behalf of Bradshaw School I would like to extend our thanks for your valued support to our school community. Your willingness to make a donation was much appreciated and was a great help towards our Quiz Night fundraiser this year. Jill Tudor Principal (November 2012)

Braitling Family Fun Night
In appreciation of your generosity towards our Braitlings Fun Night - Thank You

(October 2012)

Frontier Services - Old Timers
I wish to sincerely thank you all for your overwhelming generosity, kindness and support you gave towards making our annual "old timers fete" another success story........

P Carter (3 Sept 2012)

Tailormade Tours - Leeann
I just wanted to send a big gigantic thank you for the other night at the quarry with the mechanical bull - you did an amazing job.

It has been terrific working with you. (30 Aug 2012)

Govies Muster 2012
Thank You for your donation to the 2012 Govies Muster.
Your generous support has assisted the children of Alice Springs School of the Air

Harts Range Races 2012
I just wanted to say thanks to you and your crew for yet another fantastic weekend of entertainment. The sound at the
rodeo was great thanks to your equipment - much appreciated.
Everyone we have spoken to really enjoyed everything about Saturday and Sunday night. It was obvious by the length of the queue that the kids had a ball on the jumping castle.
I am not sure if I will be given the job to chase up quotes for 2013 but if I am, I hope to be in touch again.
Once again, many thanks. Jeanette Nicolson

Teppa Hill Pre School
With thanks - For outstanding support, sponsorship and attendance at our 40th Birthday Party. From all the staff and families at teppa Hill Preschool. (July 2012)

Larapinta Primary School - Kay Eade
The Larapinta Primary School Council and Staff sincerely thank you for your kind donation to the 2012 Fun Fair, which helped to make the day a great success. (28 April, 2012)

Braitling Primary School (Sept 2011)
In appreciation for your generous donation to our Family Fun Night without your support, this would not have been possible.
Thanks very much Daran - much appreciated - Sue Crowe

Ross Park Primary (Sept 2011)
With your help, Ross Park Primary School's Spring Fair and 50th Birthday Celebration on 3rd September 2011 was a great success. Many Thanks for your time and donation, Daran. Very popular addtiotion this year.

Meg Foster - Events Manager - Alice Springs Turf Club
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the effort you went to on Saturday. We have had such great feedback about the day and all who attended loved it, especially your attractions.

It was lovely to deal with you, having a seamless and easy set up from our side of things......

Daran, thank you again and we look forward to our next event with you in the near future. (April 2011)

Dina Schmid - YMCA
The YMCA of Central Australia would love to say Thank You for your presence on our Fun Day ...
Your Jumping Castle made it possible, that we could run an event for kids like that, which was highly appreciated by everyone who came along. (April 2011)

Braitling School Council - 2010
Braitling Primary School Council, Staff and Students thank you for your continued support over the past year and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a propserous New Year.

Sue Crowe - Braitling Primary School
Thank you for your generous donation for our Family Fun Night (17 Sept 10)

Frontier Services - Uniting Church
Thanks for your generous help.
Treasurer - Old Timers Auxiliary. (August 2010)

Apex Club of Central Australia
The Apex Club of Central Australia wish to acknowledge the support of Rock City Music (Daran Rumbal) in helping make the 2010 NT/SA Apex State Convention the outstanding success it was.
Dean Griffiths - SA/NT State Convention Chair 2009-2010
Mister Shaun - Apex Club of Central Australia President 2009 -2010

Foster Care NT
For Your Generous Support of Foster Care NT - Christmas 2009 (Dec 2009)

Braitling Primary School - Sue Crowe
Thank you for your assistance and support during 2009
(Dec 09)

Dale McIver - Action Enterprises Event Management
Thanks Daran, it was great working with you also. Always reliable and on time, which made our jobs so much easier!
(Nov 09)

Trevor Owen - OIC Crime Prevention Unit - NT Police
....we would like to thank you for your support of the programme which ran each week of the school holidays. It was a very successful venture with over ninety-two children attending and participating each day over all ventures.

We hope to run this programme again over the school holidays and would look forward to your support again.


(October, 2009)

The Salvation Army - Major Adye Viney
In recognition of your support to the Salvation Army - Alice Springs. (October 2009)

Braitling School Carnivale - Mrs Smart
.....very grateful to Daran Rumbal of Rock City Music for his donations for our Carnivale. Thank you for your kind gesture of also donating your time as DJ. It is very much appreciated, and together with your donations from the rides, this amount made our overall profit all that much more!!!! (October 2009)

Karen Blanchfield - Principal Ross Park Primary
Thanks for helping make our Spring Fair on 5th September 2009 a HUGE success! A new event that added variety to our fair - thanks!

39th Top Half Folk Festival
Thank you for your support and contribution towards a great festival. (July 2009)

Zac Andrews - Centralian Secondary College
Thank you very much for your kind and considerate donation for my auction. My family would also like to thank you. The auction was organised by the staff from my classroom at Centralian Secondary College. It was a great evening and a fun community event......
I won three medals - Gold for discuss, Silver for shotput and Bronze for long jump.
I am extremely proud of my medal and I will treasure them and the experience....... (12/10/09)

Sadadeen Primary School - Heather Tubbenhauer
Thank you very much for being part of our school's 25th Birthday Celebrations. Sadadeen Primary School 1983 - 2008. Jo Sherrin - Birthday Co-Ordinator

Hilary Saunders - Principal Araluen Christian College
Thank you so much for your generous donation towards our fundraising. With your assistance, we were able to reach our $ for $ target and receive the full benefit of this government subsidy.

The money has been allocated to provide monkey bars and other climbing equipment for our junior school students.

Your help was much appreciated.

(Dec 08)

Jill Tudor - Principal Braitling School
Thank you for your assistance and support during 2008.
(Nov 08)

Mel & Adam Dunlop
Thank you so very much for all your hard work and most of all your "never ending". We had an absolute blast. Thank You. (Wedding Nov 1st 08)

Araluen Christian College
A great contribution to our Open Day. Thanks heaps!

(Oct 2008)

Barry Lord - Frontier Services
Thank you for your generous contribution towards the fete.
You helped greatly in making it a success. (Aug 2008)

Harts Range Amateur Race Club - Yvonne Brooke-Anderson
.....on behalf of the Harts Range Amateur Race Club I would like to thank you for supplying the evening entertainment which was enjoyed by all. The jumping castle was also a great success again, ensuring the local and interstate visitors alike had a fantastic fun filled weekend. Aug 2008

Larapinta Primary School
It was all fun at our Fun Fair thanks to Showtime Entertainment for your generous support. (May 2008)

Bradshaw School Council - Angus Thornton (Pesident)
....I would like to express our appreciation of your support for our Mothers Day Market. The Bradshaw school community values your support immensely and look forward to your appearance next year.

We hope that you enjoyed the day as much as we did and we thank you for your generosity. (13 May 2008)

Sue Crowe (Principal) - Braitling Primary School
In rocognition of your continued support of Braitling Primary School (March 2008)

Leif Cocks - Australian Orangutan Project
In recognition of your valuable support. In assisting the Australian Orangutan Project to ensure the survival of both Sumatran & Bornean orangutan species in their natural habitat and promote the welfare of all orangutans (Feb 2008)

Juneta Bowey - Central Dance Theatre
.....I would like to thank your business for your sponsorship during our 2007 New Zealand "Study and Competition Tour". Without your generous support we would not have made it to New Zealand..... (Dec 2007)

Wendy Ackerman - Sadadeen Primary School Council
Once again, thank you for your generosity to our school and helping to make Sadadeen Primary's 2007 Annual Family Fair the huge success it was. We look forward to maintaining a close relationship with you in the future...... (Oct 2007)

Laura Edwards/Alanna Smith - Wearable Arts
...because you were so generous and donated us such a large amount of guitar picks to help us with our dress, we actually won the "Jen Standish-White Student Award". Thank you again for the help and we greatly appreciated the donation. (Oct 2007)

Jennifer Hentschel - Apex Australia
On behalf of all involved in the "Rothwell Family Fundraiser" we would like to thank you for your generous donation towards our Quiz Night and Auction. Without your kindness and support, this fundraiser would not have been possible. So once again, thank you for your support. (Sept 2007)

Andrea Glover - Secretary Braitling School Council
On behalf of the Braitling School Council and our Fundraising Committee, I would like to express our appreciation of your support for our Carnival Night....... The Braitling School Community values your support immensely and look forward to your appearance each year. We hope that you enjoyed the night as much as we all did and we thank you for your generosity. (Sept 2007)

Anna Weir - Harts Range Amateur Race Club Inc
On behalf of the Harts Range Amateur Race Club, I would like to sincerely thank you for helping us run another fantastic Bush Sports Weekend. Your support helped to make the weekend one of the most successful ever.......
the entertainment and mood of the crowd on Saturday and Sunday nights was terrific. There were a lot of positive comments and the night was a credit to you.
Thanks again for a job well done and helping to make the weekend such a memorable one (Aug 2007)

Pamela Carter - Old Timers Aux.
.....I wish to sincerely thank you all for your overwhelming generosity, kindness and support you gave towards making our annual "Old Timers Fete" another success story. (Aug 2007)

Larapinta Primary School - Steve Smith
Thanks for your valued contribution and support to the Larapinta Primary School Fun Fair (May 2007)

Zenith (Callum, Aaron, Jayden and Evan)
Fuse Festival - Adelaide. a big thank you for your sponsorship donation. The band is hoping to be offered a recording contract as many industry people from all over Australia will be looking for new talent. Once again thank you so much for your support........ (February 2007)

Michelle Murphy - Tamworth Performer
Thank you so much for sponsoring me when I went to Tamworth. It was a great help. It was a great help, had an absolute ball over there....thanks again for your support.
(Feb 2007)

Charlie & Claire
Thank you so much for your time in helping us to learn the "waltz" and at the same time making it fun. Your generousity in giving the lessons as a gift is much appreciated. (Dec 2006)

Tashka Urban - Tashka Urban's Music Studio
Thank You Rock City Music For Your Generous Support 2006.
Here's to a Creative, Vibrant, Successful and Happening 2007.
(Dec 2006)

Jody Eckert
Thanks Daran! For those years of Drum and Tap Dancing -
loved them (should still be doing them now). I still have the love and flow of rhythm in me and you have a part to thank in it all. All the Best. (Dec 2006)

Sam Dawson - Imparja Television
Yamba Productions would like to thank you for your support at the Yamba the Honeyant CD Launch. Without the assistance of our valued sponsors and supporters, it would not have been possible to have delivered such a fun and diverse free community event. (Nov 2006)

Carole-Anne (Salvation Army)
Thank you for cheering Matthew and I up for more than what you could ever realise. It can't replace what he has lost but it put the first smile on his face and that's a good start. (Nov 2006)

Judy Kruske - Sadadeen Primary School Council
Thank you for your kind donation. Your Generosity towards our School was greatly appreciated and helped make it an extremely successful event. (Nov 2006)

Margaret O'Loughlin - Fender Aus.
It has always been a pleasure to work with you Daran and to have you as one of our Authorised Fender dealers. Your people skills are truely recognised in this award. (Nov 06)

Bev Battams - ACAN Muso Breakfast
You know the saying "as he sows, so shall he reap". Your generosity has not gone unnoticed. It was a Fantastic success and your sponsorship was greatly appreciated. (Oct 2006)

Central Australian Tourism Industry Association
Central Australian Tourism would like to thank you for the remarkably high level of customer service you provide. Your generosity, and above all your love for the community is outstanding.....(Sept 2006)

Leony Bowey - Australian Red Cross
Thanks again for continually supporting Australian Red cross and its community services (Sept 2006)

Centralian Advocate - Letters To Editor
I have never seen a man work so hard for himself and the community....I realise how special Central Australians are. To the man Daran Rumbal I say thank you. You are an asset to your community. (Sept 22, 2006)

SA Trull - Bradshaw Primary School
.....we could not have accomplished this without your generosity. (September 2006)

Dr Birute Mary Galdikas - OFI Founder
In profound gratitude for your incredible zest for life which you share with all those around you! And for your deep love of animals! (July 2006)

Alan Remfrey - Acacia Hill
The event was a great success and without your contribution i am sure the atmosphere created would not have been the same.

Larapinta S.R.C.
The music rocked at the social. We thank you lots and lots. It was cool. Rock on....

Jean Daet - Mabuhay Multicultural
You are the best DJ and your sound, music etc.....

Mary Miles - Director Nursing
I wish to sincerely thank you for your overwhelming generosity, kindness and support you gave towards making our annual 'Old Timers Fete' another success story

Tracie Pearson
We had a very successful night made possible by the generousity of yours

Jill Meade - Aids & Hepatitis Council
We believe that with you support, the week was successful in out endeavour to raising awareness of hepatitis C as a public health concern on a national and local level - thanks again

Larapinta Primary School
We thought you did an awesome job and you're a great DJ.

Very Lacy - National Dancing Association of Australiasia
Excellent Highland Dancer

Lee Bradford
Weaver of the Magic

Mary-Ellen Geer - MG Theatrical Productions
Professional showmanship

Andy Cross - Sunbury Dance
Many thanks - We hope to see you again sometime

Jennifer Grant
Congratulations - you've done a fantastic job in so short a time

Dean Apple - Radio 2ZK
Your act was superb and much more than we expected. Thanks for making the day a success

Kerry Espie - Larapinta Pre-School
On behalf of the children, parents and staff, we wish to thank you for your generous support of our 2006 Fund-Raising Auction. Thank You

Delphine Burkett
Excellent Precision

Peter Gray
What more can I say - Words fail me - great entertainment value

Heather Parkinson - Teppa Hill Pre School
Your ongoing commitment and enthusiasm in supporting our pre-school is simply outstanding.

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